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The Starlite is the brightest Teeth Whitening Light on the market, with 16 Blue LEDs and includes 3 Adapters, for iPhone, Android & USB.
After performing 1000's of in-office treatments, using the same professional 480nm wavelength as most dentists use, Mikayla and the Staff at Starlite Smile (AND our wonderful clients) are overjoyed with this amazing at-home teeth whitening technology. Our high-tech, easy-to-use, LED teeth whitening light can achieve DENTIST-OFFICE results at an affordable price.

  • Needs no batteries
  • Needs no additional whitening trays (or molding processes)
  • Works with any commercial teeth whitening gel or teeth whitening strips
  • 100% safe for at-home teeth whitening and causes no negative side effects or tooth sensitivity
  • FDA approved LED Blue Light Technology safely whitens without damaging teeth.
  • Brightens Teeth, Removes Stains
  • Ergonomic, Flexible Mouthpiece reaches deep areas of mouth with no discomfort
  • Easy to clean
  • Whiten while using your phone or computer


(Phone not included)


PRIOR TO TREATMENT: Brush and rinse, then dry your teeth with a clean paper towel.

STEP 1: Cleanse LED mouthpiece with mild soap and water, rinse, and dry with a clean paper towel. OR set mouthpiece in a sterile, shallow bowl with enough Listerine (or strong mouthwash) to cover mouthpiece. Let sit about 2-3 minutes, then rinse and dry. Do not let the cord or adapters get wet.

STEP 2: Apply a small amount of Starlite Gel (or any commercial gel) to top and bottom areas of LED mouthpiece OR apply commercial gel strips to teeth (follow your commercial product instructions). Wipe any excess gel off gums with a tissue or paper towel.

STEP 3: Place LED mouthpiece in your mouth. Plug one adapter end into an iPhone, Android, laptop OR other USB port. Leave in mouth for 10-20 minutes. (To avoid sensitivity, start with 10 minutes on Day 1, gradually increasing time each day until you reach 20 minutes). Remove tray. Rinse mouth thoroughly.

STEP 4: Rinse, dry, and store mouthpiece.
*If teeth begin to feel sensitive during treatment, remove LED mouthpiece, and rinse mouth. Try again later the same day or wait 24 hours to repeat process. For best results, use for at least 10 minutes per day, for 5 - 14 days in a row.
  • If you need to spit, remove mouthpiece and spit. Replace mouthpiece (no need to add gel), and continue treatment.
  • Using mouthpiece when you have a stuffed nose may make breathing harder. Do not use when driving, exercising, while lying flat, sleeping, or if you are sick.
  • Keep out of reach of children and animals.
  • Eye protection is advised when unit is not in your mouth. Avoid the LED light shining in eyes when outside of the mouth (including in the mirror or other reflective surface) or shining directly in any other human or pet's eyes.
Thank you for trusting us with your Smile!
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